Good Website Design – What should it reflect?  

A website that is artfully designed, keeping in mind all essential designing concepts and as per the business ideologies and requirements, manages to attract the attention of the visitors, keep them engaged and eventually persuade them to contact the business owner.

So, what do we mean when we say “Good Design?” Does this just mean coloring or adorning it with plenty of images, graphics or animations etc.? Well, “Good Design” really doesn’t mean that. It goes beyond it. It is not just about adding colors or pictures or videos. There is something unique about it which if incorporated in a right way then it manages to attract the prospective customers.

A website that is professionally designed attracts more customers. A good website with good design steer buyers’ decision in your favour.

Does your website bring for you the results you expect?

If your website is not producing the kind of results you expect or hope for then it is necessary that you pay attention to what it is that is keeping you behind from achieving your target. Nine times out of ten it happens that business owners spend considerably enough in marketing online through PPC or other marketing strategies but fail to get sales as expected. The reason of it lies more in the type of design they have got for their site. Design is what might help business owners in keeping the visitors engaged for a time and let them get connected to them for the services or the products they provide.

Remember, a website that is poorly or unprofessionally designed yields no good results. It may debilitate your business performance stop your business promotional strategies to work for you the way you expect….

Foundation of Good Website rests on a number of factors which play a crucial role in making a business site perform in a right way. There are certain parameters which should be taken into consideration. Here, we have listed down a few of the inseparable web design factors which directly or indirectly create an effect on site performance.

Determinants of successful web design

Communicating the right message

A website should be capable enough to communicate the message in the right way. The moment the visitors reach the site, it should attract them and convince them to browse a little more on your site and get connected to you. Here design should reflect business in an attractive way. Use of pictures can do wonders but using them a lot for the designing purpose will kill its effectiveness and the site may fail to carry out its role. The use of the standardized colors, correct font size, images at the right places etc should be taken into consideration. Clarity matters a lot so focus more on right arrangement of text, images or videos. Don’t be vague. Be very clear in presentation. There should be no vagueness at any place on your site. Let web visitors know of what you are, what you provide and what you can do for them.

Mobile-Friendly / Mobile Compatibility

Do you know Google wants your business site to be mobile-friendly? Yes, it is necessary. If your website is not designed for mobile devices then you are going to lose customers. Because, today, search is carried out through mobile devices. A website that is solely designed for desktop may not show compatibility and may show distortion if mobility-factor is not added to it. Responsive design matters a lot and if due attention is not paid to it then this might seriously affect the bottom line. Visitors who may reach your site using mobile devices may navigate to other sites if your business site is not opened in a proper way. So, here, creating a mobile version is of great importance.

Browser-Friendly / Browser Compatibility

Site design should not get distorted no matter which browser the users are using to view your site. This should be not be neglected as it may create negative effect on usability. It should be designed in a way that it should be more efficient and consistent across all major browsers such as Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.

Speed v/s Design

Visitors may not wait if the site takes a lot of time to load properly. They may really give up and may navigate to some other website, your competitor’s site. There are many factors which directly or indirectly affect loading time but one that is related to design is the “use of graphics.” Yes, use of large graphics might affect loading time of your site. So, keep graphics simple but meaningful. Use of CSS only at places where it is unavoidably essential can be a good thing. It is always good to limit the use of Animation or multimedia plugins. Fancy Flash Animation, JQuery can strategically be used by the expert designers.

SEO-Friendly Design

If your website is not designed and developed keeping in mind importance of SEO then your site may face problems in gaining good position in search engines. So, it is necessary that the site should have seo-friendly design. Here, only a good web designer who knows more of on-page SEO can optimize it properly.

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  • Browser-friendly
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