Social Media Marketing

fb_postOver the last decade social media has grown to new heights. According to Facebook July 2015 statistics, 1.49 billion people logon to FB each month. Other popular social media sites like Twitter and Google+ reported half a billion active users. Considering almost 1/6th of the world population is on social networking sites, social media marketing becomes one of the, if not the most, prominent source of PR for any business. Thus, having a good social media presence is vital for any business as it helps customers get the latest news regarding the services and also provides a great opportunity to bring forth customer acquisition through “sharing”, along with customer retention.

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A popular idea among business professionals is that social media is a time consuming investment, as manual updates need to be made to various social media websites one at a time. Updates and promotions also need to be pushed  in a timely manner requiring human intervention multiple times in a given day, or week, depending on the business. The entire idea is widespread because lot of people are unaware of social media management tools. Spearwave provides top notch social media management dashboard which helps businesses send multiple updates to different social media simultaneously. It also has option for scheduled updating which allows updates to be premeditated hours, days or even weeks in advance. The seamless management application also provides valuable analytics for your social media.

  • Dallas Social MarketingPersonalized Facebook, Twitter, Google+ page setup for your business.
  • Personalized Linkedin account creation which aids in professional network growth.
  • Customized designs for social media pages as per business needs and demands.
  • Spearwave social media management tool, which comes with
    • Analytics integration to track user activity on social media.
    • Updates to multiple social media websites simultaneously.
    • Post scheduling for hours, days or weeks in advance.
    • Custom URL shortner to allow easy sharing.

Spearwave is also dedicated to provide manual assistance to help you manage your social media, given the business needs additional tools or services.