Search Engine Optimization

How To Increase Search Engine RankSEO Company in Frisco TX. Search Engine Optimization, is basically revamping a website using proper web-designing methods to make it rank higher in the global search engines, mainly Google and Bing. The algorithms that runs the search engine looks for specific terminology in each website to determine its rating, like keywords, meta descriptions, freshness of content,  proper web formatting etc. Considering more and more attributes are added to search engines on a regular basis with new patches, it is necessary that a proper team should be in place to quickly adapt to the changes to solidify the website position in the search engine results. Spearwave has a dedicated and certified team to handle the fragile and ever changing search engine industry.

           All the basic attributes that drive the SEO of a page can be broken down into two key areas. This classification is what helps the website to rank higher in search engines.

  • SEO-Analysis-StepsOnsite SEO: This part deals with the complete website audit by quantifying the freshness and uniqueness of the content, meta descriptions, keywords density, proper web formatting and few other on page analytics. Enriching these parameters shows signs of likability to the target audience according to the search engine algorithms, thus resulting it a better ranking of the website.
  • Offsite SEO: Also known as link building. Google and Bing are known to rank a page higher based on the number of authentic websites that holds a forwarding link to that specific webpage. So basically, larger the number of your website URL’s present on other websites, the more likely it is to go up in search results. Our team will use the formula to provide quality inbound links to your websites from so it can get a better page rank. The authenticity and quality of the inbounding links is based on the keywords used to redirect, and we have succeeded in multiplying the number of organic visitors to the targeted website several fold by using proper keywording on the inbounding links on other pages.

SEO Services Include

Onsite SEO
Content Marketing
Social Media Automation
Localized SEO
Website Speed Optimization
Offsite SEO
Online Reporting Portal