Pay Per Click Marketing Works

PPC, Pay per Click, is a way to advertise your website or product online by bidding on keyword phrases relevant to your target market. This model only charges the client if someone clicks on their advertisement. Another popular advertising method is PPI, which is more commonly used for web banners, text links, e-mail marketing Dallas Pay Per Click Managementand advertising. It’s an online advert impression – a single appearance of an ad on a web page. Rates are typically per 1,000 impressions.

Therefore, Pay-Per-Click is generally a more cost effective advertising method as it ensures that you only pay for traffic that are interested in clicking through to your website or blog. It’s as simple as that. Now let’s go further into detailing PPC.

Popular advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, Reddit, Yahoo and Bing display ads based on the relevancy of the advertisement to the search. This relevancy is not based on amount of money the client is willing to pay, but also on other factors, which when combined gives a proprietary scoring to the website. So, a client who paid less for a PPC could score better and get better placing than a client who paid more. Maximizing the score of an advertisement is called PPC optimization, and it can boost your ad score while saving the company a fortune. At Spearwave, we will fine tune your website, or product to get you the best price for ad to sales ratio.

Our PPC Formula consists of five things:

  • Scoring- The scoring is assigned based on the keywords used on the website or product description. So the better the description, the higher the score and less you will have to pay for better search engine results. We will optimize the website to give you the best scoring!
  • Conversions-Higher clicks on your advertisement doesn’t guarantee better customers or sales. Tracking the number of visitors and their contribution, we can calculate the conversion rate of the website and then fine tune the ad to get a better conversation rate.
  • Dallas Quality ScoreTargeting- Higher conversion rate is only possible if we target customers with higher interest in the website or product. Once the visitor is flagged as a targeted customer, based on his website activity, we can target that specific visitor again to better forward your business.
  • Campaign Control- Once the advertisement is published, you will have complete control over when to turn it on and off, and other major decision regarding bidding, regional scope (local or global) of the advertisement, targeting groups based on age, sex or profession.
  • Options- At spearwave, we are accustomed to various advertising platforms- Google adwords, Facebook ads, Reddit ads, and Bing ads are to name a few. Don’t worry if the options feel overwhelming, we will work with you to choose the best options to get the best possible results.