Get found on local search results, first place, first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. with our unique Local Search Engine Optimization Services.

Empowering Businesses With Right Local SEO 

Local SEO has now become a major necessity for all business owners if they really want to get found on local city-based or region-based results in Google and other search engines. Gone are days when small tasks such as placing keywords here and there in the content, tweaking a little the “Titles and Meta Descriptions” and adding a few links through “Directory Submissions” and other sites would fetch the results but now the times have changed. Google has become much smarter and it is working its way out tolocalseoprovide better local search results for its user’s which would mean any inexperienced seo professional may do more harm than good for your local web presence.

At SpearWave, we have years of experience in optimizing websites locally. We can say we have been providing local seo services for our clients ever since the time the secrets of optimization were revealed by Google. We have witnessed small and big changes, gain mastery over all seo tactics (most of them are exclusive to our own seo processes), have the skills to manage and overcome the barriers to help our clients reach first place on Google search results page and other search engines.

We rightly multiply your impact with our ethically unique Local SEO services.

We just do not take your website to the first place, first page on Google and other search engines, we also help you stay there, manage your position and help you get higher return for your little and little investment in our Local SEO Services.

Engage your customers more locally, build your brand, drives sales, increase business revenue with our customized Local SEO Services.

We will make SEO work for you for sure… You can rely on us.

What all we do when we take your SEO project?

  • Ofer Advanced Local SEO Services
  • Optimize the site locally using 360° On and Off-Page Local SEO tactics (more than 500-1000 On and Off Page local SEO Tactics)
  • Develop More Innovative Local Semantic Search Strategy Plan
  • Contextual Keyword Planning / Keyword Research
  • Complete City-based, Region-based Web Analytics (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.)stlouis-local
  • Complete Website Auditing
  • Website Restructuring (as per latest SEO Rules)
  • Mobile Search Optimization Plan
  • Google My Business / Places Optimization
  • Google Knowledge Graph Addition / Optimization
  • Link Analysis / Monitoring / Enhancement
  • Pre and Post Google Updates Strategy
  • org Optimization / Rich Snippets Optimization
  • White Hat Link Building
  • White Hat Digital Content Marketing Plan
  • Elimination of Toxic Links
  • Backlink Profiling Plan
  • Video Marketing / Optimization
  • Website Position Recovery Strategy / Plans
  • Conversion Rate Optimization / Customer Behavior Tracking / Behavioral Targeting
  • Monthly Reports (or as requested – daily / weekly / fortnightly etc.).

And much more.

Free For Our Clients

  • One Hour SEO Consultation with an SEO Expert
  • Free Analysis of your website / your competitor’s site
  • SEO Advice / Suggestions / Recommendations


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