Email Marketing

Dallas Email MarketingAn effective email marketing comes with a combination of the ability to create aesthetic email templates, interesting content, and information relevance. Even though it seems like a tedious task, it can be really easy given the automation tools of spearwave. Our tools help you create an effective email marketing campaigns with ease, and also track them.

If customers are not pinged on a regular basis there is a good chance that it might their relationship with the business. These automated email campaigns can target individual groups and send them appropriate emails not only bring forth new customers but also maintain customers already obtained, thereby strengthening the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Of course, the emails cannot lack quality or else it might have the opposite effect. The emails must be interesting, engaging, and educating your prospects with helpful information. Spearwave can guarantee the hard work you put into building your customer email list doesn’t go to waste. We’re experts at creating follow up emails that work and do a great job for your business.

Our most important tools for the job are mailchimp and mandrill. Both of these are used by almost every company ranging from small scale startups to tech giants. Mandrill helps you send automated emails after individual signups, resetting passwords, and for other activity feedbacks. Mailchimp on the other hand is meant to create promotional campaigns to let the users know about a new product or service, or a discount, or any other special offer. These email campaigns can be scheduled weeks or months in advance. Best part of it all is that all the emails sent by both the tools can be monitored. The analytics report gives a complete feedback on how effective a campaign was by analyzing various statistical data on how many people open the email, and how many conversion did it bring. These two tools together form a complete package which can help you optimize email marketing for your business with little human intervention.

Let Us Design Your Email Campaign

Dallas Email CampaignWe would like to work with you to design and create a perfect email marketing campaign for your business. Our team is well trained in the usage of mandrill and mailchimp, and we guarantee that you will be pleased with our work.