In any business, a lot of the decisions that do not require executive intervention, and hence can be automated to save time and human effort. At Spearwave, we believe that certain systems need to be automated to optimize company’s performance, especially components in the marketing side of the business. We use automated delivery systems to send emails, letters and faxes as well as schedule phone calls with customers. Our goal is not only help you automatically follow up with potential clients but also provide customer support like automated answers to basic product FAQ. This helps businesses take a high volume of customer support requests while requiring little to no human intervention.

In order to maintain a loyal customer base it is important to always touch base with them. The bigger the business, the more tedious it is to follow up with each individual client and this  is when automation comes in handy. Scheduled digital newsletters and news feed triggers will send your customers timely alerts regarding products, services, discounts, other special offers and more. Given these automated services take care of your user base, you can focus on running and improving other aspects of your business with the saved time and money.

  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • SMS integration
  • Automated phone customer service
    • Answering basic FAQ
    • Scheduling appointments
    • Pricing and quoting services
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Contact Form page for website
  • Automated Advertisement campaigns
  • Dedicated IP addresses for businesses
  • Shopping cart integration for ecommerce sites
  • User targeting through activity tracking
  • Consulting