Why Spearwave ?

Spearwave Marketing is a growth marketing agency based out of Dallas, TX. We work with small companies on website building, hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Website maintenance, online & social media marketing, and also do performance media buying for our clients and affiliate products. We do affiliate marketing through Native, Display, Push, and Social media.

At SpearWave, we build growth platforms, revenue-generation strategies for all businesses – startups who are looking forward to digitalizing their business to reap all benefits of being online or for all small to mid and large-sized enterprises who are looking for a structured approach to achieve indomitable success. Our honest, effectively innovative, and transparent digital marketing strategies speak of how we make a huge difference in the world of marketing. We are always at the forefront in delivering personal, passionate, and tailored services to our clients.

“We are also building and expanding the affiliate side of the business through performance media buying. Looking to expand to new affiliate products, platforms, and traffic sources.”

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

Isn’t it wonderful that you adopt a growth strategy, a plan that involves low costs and high return? At SpearWave, we have mastery over building cost-effective growth strategies for all businesses across verticals. Our own exclusive growth strategy development services can help you streamline your business and gain great success.


Growth Based SEO

Say NO to Blank SEO. It is time for Growth-based SEO Services. Don’t you want every visitor who visits your site to be your loyal customer? If YES then harness the power of real growth-based SEO Services from us where we just do not optimize the site for TRAFFIC but for the GROWTH IN YOUR BUSINESS.


Web Design

Design that catches eyes, brings an increase in sales too. So, get your website designed by experts. We have the calibre to innovate, make your site talk to your clients in its own beautiful way to attract, engage and win customers. If you want your website to be unique then talk to us today.

The Four Step Marketing Plan

400% increase in revenue in just 7 months! Does it sound impossible? We bet you it is not. The four step marketing plan can help business owners at any level achieve that growth. Our ebook explains the Four step process and also red flags the numerous mistakes business make in their marketing campaign. What’s better? It is completely free of charge! No strings attached. Just click on the link below to download it.

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We understand that choosing the right marketing company to serve your needs can be a tough choice. With so many options and ideas out there, it might seem difficult to find the right solution. Our goal is to first listen and understand your business and marketing needs. We do this by offering a free, no obligation marketing consultation. During this short phone call, our CEO will ask you several questions to better understand your needs. We won’t pressure you to buy anything. Instead, we will clearly explain several options to help you grow. Feel free to schedule an appointment or request a quote today.